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Host a Favorite Things Party

I had the pleasure of attending this uber cute party called “Favorite Things Party.”  Hint, hint, Oprah’s Favorite Things.  Well, because I love a surprise, I had to attend! The idea is to invite different friends, ask them to bring three of their favorite items or in the alternative, bring three items of something that […]

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2019 Chicago Wine Fest

I always encourage my mommies to treat themselves regularly. Practice self-care, whatever your self-care consists of. It may be that you enjoy a mani pedi or getting massages, but it should be whatever rejuvenates you and gets your energy back to where it needs to be so that you can serve your children from an […]



Well, it’s spring break time!  It seems everyone around me has already had their break, but this year’s spring break is late for my daughters.  This is a time where I must be creative.  As a single mother, one of the biggest challenges is having enough disposable income. There are just not enough coins to […]

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