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I admit I have lacked motivation and have had a hard time concentrating lately.  I am sure some of you guys can relate.  That’s why I wanted to give some motivation to my mommies.  

The stress in the last couple of weeks has been unlike anything I have ever experienced before.  If you follow me, you know that the last few years have been challenging for me, but this new round of covid-19 anxiety is different in that there is so much uncertainty involved.   It’s the not knowing when this pandemic will end and how our lives will look two to three months from now.

And then you have loss of control, and I really think that explains the hoarding of toilet paper and food during this pandemic.  Hoarding is a need for control.   There are so many unknowns.   Will I lose my home?  Do I have to switch careers?  How will social distancing affect my children?  These are all things we have little control over right now.   I know for me control is something I have struggled with in the past.  

Control is associated with a fear of being helpless or vulnerable, but when you learn to accept life and what is happening around you, then you can choose how you are going to respond to life instead of feeling like a victim.     

I realize that everyone is suffering right now, but I do talk from the perspective of single life and I will always be an advocate for single moms, even after I am married.   Yes, ladies, I am still hopeful that I will find love again!  ❤  I always joke and say being a single mom is a juggling act.  The pressure we experience in our regular day-to-day lives is overwhelming but even more so as we navigate our new normal.

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So I have put together 10 tips that I want to share with you guys to help during this pandemic.


Information overload, this just means too much information.  It’s important to stay up to date, but the amount of information we are receiving about covid-19 can be mentally unhealthy for many and I would venture to say most.   Trying to decipher fiction from fact, having information come at you from every direction including social media could be increasing your anxiety.  Cut off the TV.   Detach from social media.  Listen to self-help podcasts.  Dance.  Play some games with your kids.  Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.  Read a good book.   If you are an Amazon prime member, you have access to tons of books and magazines that can be read on your Kindle or e-reader.   



If you are a person who doesn’t like asking for help, this can be challenging but take the help.   These are extraordinary times!   A friend of mine offered to lend me an extra laptop out of the blue.   It may seem like a small gesture, but it was huge in relieving some pressure.   Now each of my daughters has their own workspace and we can work comfortably during the day.  I am appreciative for people like this in my life.  Learn to lean on people.



You are probably asking, “What routine?   Everything in our lives has been turned upside down.”   But you can create a new routine.  Start your day with your favorite drink like a nutritional shake.   Everyone get up and get dressed not lounging around in pajamas.  Clothing affects how we feel and in turn our performance.    Fix your hair neatly.   Make sure you are intentional about networking daily with a colleague brainstorming on how they are adjusting to their new normal.  

Do you suffer from FOMO, the Fear of Missing Out?  Most of us do.   Research shows that multitasking creates more stress.  Our brains are not wired to perform two tasks continuously without causing stress.   It’s been suggested to work for 90 minutes without any distractions, then take a break.     Check emails twice a day, at the beginning of your day and at the end of your day.  If it is that important, they will call you.



It doesn’t have to be as decadent as a sundae, but you get my drift.   Celebrate the small micro wins you achieve during the day.  You made it through remote learning without yelling, have a glass of wine.   You finished preparing your taxes, check out the sales online at your favorite store.  




I know not everyone may have the ability to do this.  Some are staying in tight apartments, perhaps a condo in New York, but if you can, try and make your home office a sacred place dedicating a small area for workspace.  A window view would be amazing with scented candles and trickling water for sound.   Tape a small picture of your family to your computer that reminds you of why you are doing this or a favorite quote on a Post-it note that inspires you.   Trying to work while the kids are bickering in the background can leave you ready to run out the door.   Stop, breathe, beathe again. You can do this!  

Also, think of fun ways you can remote learn with your kids.   I dragged an old tent out of my garage that I had never used before and set it up in the backyard, put a desk and blanket inside with the theme music from Frozen playing.    Getting fresh air and changing scenery can go a long way in relieving stress.



My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by this horrible virus.  I pray for the families around the world.   But in these unprecedented times, you can still find something to laugh about.  Finding humor daily can help ease the pain, help with depression and give you some hope.  Watch a funny movie that you haven’t seen in a long time.   Check out some hilarious memes.  




It is so easy to start projecting three months out and start obsessing over bills, but it is just not helpful!   I talked about mindfulness in my last post.   Each day will have its own anxieties.   In other words, focus on today!


Food is comforting and we all need comfort in these uncertain times, but you don’t want to get in the habit of coping in unhealthy ways.   It’s okay to have a cheat day or indulge on the weekend, but during the week, try and maintain your regular eating habit, eating plenty of green vegetables and vitamin C enriched foods and even more so as reports are showing that boosting your immune system can help in beating coronavirus.

I know a lot of states around the country are on some sort of shelter in place order.  Where I am living, we can still go to a trail or venture outside on the sidewalk.  Get a quick run in while social distancing.   I have been using  Les Mills on Demand.   Love it!  When the weather is not cooperating, this is a good alternative with lots of variety.



I preach this often.  It is so easy to go into a dark place focusing on what is not going right in your life.  You must practice gratitude consistently and what I mean by that is daily.  You can either journal, use some sort of printable here or what’s even more important is expressing thankfulness out loud, if you can, to a loved one.   A smile goes a long way in making someone’s day.


Remember the kids are suffering, too.   They have lost friends and their normalcy as well.  I heard this phrase from Lisa Nichols, that what gets celebrated gets repeated.   I don’t recommend spending a ton of money right now, but why not reward your children when they are doing well.  I absolutely love Zulily.     You can find really unique items with affordable prices.   The sales only last for a short time, so you have to act fast!  Get their latest Stay at Home Shop here.


How are you coping with this new normal?   Is your state on a shelter in place?   Share your stories below.


Health and happiness. . .





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