Must-Have Fall Nail Colors for 2019

Must-Have Fall Nail Colors for 2019

When I was younger, I never wore gym shoes. I always wore heels or boots even with my jeans. I was that girl 😆  Fast forward to 2019, if you were to see me in the grocery store, I probably will have on athletic gear with a baseball cap .  My schedule is so crazy nowadays, I just want to be comfortable.  All I really need is for my lashes to be done and for my nails to look fabulous, right?

This year’s colors are absolutely stunning. According to the experts, there will be lots of sparkly champagnes and neutrals, warm browns, orange hues like terracotta, buttery yellow cremes like autumn leaves, and my personal favorite, metallic green to deep greens.   I wear a lot of brands, but I am a big fan of Essie. Prices are reasonable, I can find it at my favorite off-brand retailers and they have really cool colors.

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My favorites from Essie’s Sweater Weather limited Edition Collection.
On the Bright Cider
Sweater Weather
Rust Worthy
Hay There
Easily Suede

This is from Essie Sweater Weather Limited Edition. On the Bright Cider, hurry!  As of the time of this post, most of this line has already sold out.

This color is called Seeing Stars. It looks a lot like Rust Worthy from Essie’s Sweater Weather Limited Edition. Since they were sold out, I thought this color was a good alternative.

Hay There, just beautiful!

Image:  Essie


So a little trick of mine is to use press-on nails.   They have some amazing colors and for me they have lasted up to five days.  Just add a little glue.  When I need to go in the office and get busy editing, I just pop them off.  Find the look here.  

imPress Press-On Manicure, get a similar look here.     Oh, and check out my new camera guys!   Isn’t it pretty?

A lot of creamy grays this year. I had to snap a picture of my sister’s hand. That’s what family is for, right? 😂

What’s your favorite fall nail color this year?    


Health and happiness. . . 


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