Hi there!  Thank you for reading my blog. Mommy Anew is a lifestyle blog for mothers who are in transition or have transitioned to being single mothers.  It’s a community of Mommy-Anews who just get it!  We understand the journey.   Let’s share ideas about parenting, lifestyle, self-care, food and decorating on a budget, but most of all, let’s have fun.

                                             ABOUT ME

My name is Tracy and I am a divorced single mother of two daughters.  I was born and bred on the South Side of Chicago and love my city.    By trade, I am a freelance court reporter.   When not spending time with my girls, you can find me at the gym, experimenting with recipes or just dancing in the middle of my living room.  Positive vibes are my thing.

I started this blog as a creative outlet, but I also wanted to journal this journey of my transitioning from a married mother to a single mother and all of its ups and downs. I hope to encourage other mothers in similar circumstances that, yes, this is a challenging time, but it is also an exciting time to start over afresh and anew.

Over the last four years, I have lost my marriage, survived a divorce, beat a health scare, almost lost my home and lastly learned of a family secret that would forever change my life and through faith, family and friends, I am still standing and you can too.   Single moms are fierce and resilient!    Let’s celebrate us.


Jaye-Nicole and Camille Reese, my greatest accomplishment.

Health and happiness. . .




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