6 Simple Steps to Manage Your Child’s Screen Time

6 Simple Steps to Manage Your Child’s Screen Time

“You don’t have to be a perfect mom. But if you do your best and love your children, things will turn out OK. ”                                                                                                                  Ketanji Brown Jackson, United States Federal Judge

[dropcap style=”flat” size=”3″]I[/dropcap]n honor of moms this month, I am writing this post and this is my gift to you. No, it’s not about beauty.   Oh, and it’s not about self-care.  Nope, not about work-life balance.   It’s about safety for our most cherished, our children.     

Did you know that you can monitor and limit your children’s activity on their Apple smart device?  I wish someone would have informed me about this sooner!    It would have saved me a lot of discord in my home over the last couple of years with my youngest.   Maybe I am late to the party, but if I was unaware of these safety features, I am sure there are other moms out here unaware as well.

I put together this quick tutorial to help moms and especially my beloved single moms who wrestle with figuring things out by themselves on a daily basis.  Monitoring what our children take into their tiny brains is so vital.  Setting limits on how long they stare at a screen is crucial to development.    May this help guide you through the dark world of the internet and social media.      


Kidding 😂.    I think the internet is a wonderful resourceful tool if used properly, limits set and content age appropriate.   Here is what I have learned that has saved my sanity.

In 2018, Apple rolled out their parental controls for iOS 12.  That’s four years ago!    Screen Time is a feature that was created for dual reasons.   You can monitor your personal screen time in real time and analyze how long you are spending on your Apple device, or you can use it to manage your child’s activity on their Apple device.    What does this mean?    If you have an Apple smart device or phone with iOS 12 or higher, you have the ability through your personal device to control internet and social media activity of your children.

First, you want to make sure you set up your kid’s Apple account when initially setting up their device.    Then you will need to turn on Screen Time on your device and then you can set up any minor children. 

See the pictorials below.   

1.  First go to Settings and scroll down to Screen Time.



2.  Click on Screen Time and you will see your personal Screen Time.    




3.   Scroll down to Family and click on the child’s name.



4.   Here you will find 6 ways to manage Screen Time for your minor child.



And it’s that simple!!    Click on each category and play around with it.   Inside of the content and privacy restrictions tab, you can customize content on websites such as YouTube, block explicit language, only allow PG 13 movies and more.   You can set limits on each app individually or all apps at once as well as see how much time is spent on different web sites.   You can also block adult internet web sites.    The minor can request more time and you can choose to approve it or not.    It’s just all sorts of AWESOMENESS.   It is truly a gift to us parents.  

I hope to do more posts on this subject as I navigate through all the different features.   But in the meantime, if I can help just one mother out there who is ready to pull her hair out from arguing about TikTok and Roblox, I have done my job.   😊    If you know anyone who will benefit from this post, please, share!

 How have you managed screen time?   Share you story down below!

Health and happiness. . . 


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