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“You alone are enough.  You have nothing to prove to anyone.”  Maya Angelou

Anew, to start over again afresh and in a different and positive way.  After coming out of a long relationship and marriage, that experience will change you.  You have two options.  Stay the same or evolve.  You can either take a negative outcome and drown yourself in it, or you can look for the lesson in the experience and grow from it.

Transforming your life in a positive way is intentional.  Transformation is a choice and it will not happen unless you persevere and repeat certain habits.  True growth occurs in the most uneasy and difficult times.  I finally arrived at this healthy point in my life by implementing small changes in my life consistently.  


Self-care is not indulgence.   It is necessary.  Just think about how often you have to charge your cell phone battery before it goes dead!

And that is exactly how you should think of self-care and your health.  You must detach, unplug and reset in order to pour into your children, your job and your relationships.

I had this “ah-ha” or breakthrough moment after experiencing a couple of health scares and burnouts.   I used to have this invincible attitude.  But guess what?  You cannot do all things for all people.  

I am not perfect.  Perfection is an illusion that can never be mastered.   So, I have made a personal dedication to myself that I will practice self-care regularly.  I don’t have to apologize for it or explain it.  Those who truly love you and are meant to be in your life will respect your choice to prioritize your mental and physical health.    


This term has been everywhere lately.  Self-care is like the fuel that keeps your car running.  It allows you to run and operate more efficiently.  It is whatever that recharges YOU.   It can be anything from writing, meditating, exercising, eating healthy, staying hydrated, pampering, et cetera.

Here are a couple of ideas you can implement into your self-care routine. 


Let’s start with how you feel on the outside.   Do you like how you look?   Then make the necessary changes.  Get moving!   Go to the gym.  It doesn’t have to be for long, strenuous hours.  Just do it consistently.

There are so many benefits to exercising but my favorite is mental clarity.  Exercising promotes chemicals in your brain that are good for concentration, memory, mood and relaxation.   Have you ever heard of the term “runner’s high”?   It is a feeling of happiness or euphoria that some experience from the release of endorphins after engaging in certain types of exercises.   So sweat out all of that bad energy and breathe in new air.

And don’t forget to incorporate nutrient-based foods into your diet like fruits and vetetables.  Eating right and working out are both necessary when trying to improve your appearance.


Some may think of a skincare routine as a beauty routine, but a skincare routine can be an act of self-care.   As a single working mom, this is oftentimes the only time in the day where I can spend a few minutes in silence with no interruptions.  It can be used as a form of meditation that only takes ten minutes out of your day.

In the morning or night, when you are in the bathroom with the door closed, perform your skincare routine.  Light a few candles with scents that promote relaxation.  Lavender is my favorite.  Listen to soft music or your favorite meditation app.  I just recently started using products from See New Skincare Box where I receive new skincare products every other month that is chemical free and sustainably sourced.  Get it here and use my custom discount code TRACY when checking out for a 20% discount.

These are just small steps in getting started in self-care.  Let this be your start to moving forward towards bigger self-care choices like discovering your passion and counseling or therapy.  

I will explore breathing techniques and yoga in my next Important Self-Care Steps for 2020 Series Part II.   I love high energy workouts, so I am stepping out of my comfort zone with yoga but change can be good, right?     

Health and happiness. . .


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