What Co-Parenting Looks Like To Me

What Co-Parenting Looks Like To Me

Co-parenting looks like many things and everybody’s relationship with their ex is different. For me, there are times when we are acting as a team and other times, it seems we are foes.

[heading style=”default” size=”21″ align=”center” margin=”20″]What does co-parenting look like?[/heading]

It is constant compromise.

It is constant putting your kids first when you really want to be petty.

It is constant communication either verbally or through text.

It is constant praying for strength to be the bigger person.

It is hugging your children tightly every other weekend before they leave with their overnight bag.

It is meeting the new lady in his life who might one day be your kid’s stepmother.

It is seeing each other at graduations, dance recitals, serious doctor appointments, sporting meets, and funerals.

It is disagreements and heated exchanges.

It is emotionally draining.

But there is some good news. You can successfully co-parent by learning co-parenting skills, understanding what your triggers are and practicing self-care.

Now you have space and time to breathe and think about the next chapter in your live. You can meet the partner you were truly supposed to be with. You can use this time of separateness to heal and to work on yourself so that when you do meet the right person, you will recognize it and receive it.

What does co-parenting look like for you?  Please, comment below!

Health and happiness. . .


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