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Two more weeks to Labor Day weekend which is also known to most as the official end of summer. I’m sure many people will be heading to the beach, the pool or going on vacation before the swim season ends. After decades of not knowing how to swim, I recently started swim lessons for myself […]


It’s a She Thing! What All Divorced Moms Have in Common

Although I am in a great and heathy place now, I found it extremely difficult in the past to find people to vent to and talk to about my divorce and transition. I believe my family and friends meant well, but they didn’t get it, truly get it. And that’s okay! It’s not their journey […]


The 5 Best Skills for Co-parenting

After a divorce, your emotions are like a rollercoaster. Emotions are high and the very last thing you want to do is be the sensible or mature one. Divorce is the death of your marriage and like any death, you will likely go through the stages of grief like anger and shock. After all, who […]

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