Author: Tracy Kerney


Insane Charcuterie Homemade Pizza

First post of the new year and it’s right on time with the Super Bowl being just five days away.  And what are we serving up?   A charcuterie homemade pizza.  Yes!! This charcuterie pizza was a hit with my family, and if you are hosting this year’s Super Bowl soiree, I promise you it will […]


Easy Bourbon Caramel Apple Crisp

  To skip the storytelling, scroll down 🔽 to the recipe card.    (This post includes affiliate links from which I may receive a commission. All opinions are my own and there are no additional fees to you.  Your price remains the same.) Last post of the year!   I wanted to end with something sweet.  […]


A Guide To Surviving Your Child’s Move To College

“Have a little faith in your sons. This journey will be the making of them.”  C.J. Milbrandt My first born turned 18.  I had been crying daily the first part of 2021.  I’m better now.  🌹     There’s all sorts of feelings surfacing.   There’s happiness for this next chapter in her life but then there’s […]



*include paid affiliate links but all opinions are my own.   To skip the storytelling, scroll down 🔽 to the recipe card.    Hi, guys.   Some exciting things are happening with me.   That is why I have been missing.  But I love writing and creating, so I can’t stay away too long. 😍    My […]

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