Beach Bumming. The Top Foods to Pack for the Beach

Beach Bumming. The Top Foods to Pack for the Beach

We finally made it to the beach, and we had a great time, guys. I had been planning to take the kids all summer but with my schedule, it just kept getting pushed back. Some of the best advice I was ever given as a single parent is to stop and make time for your kids. If you do not, you are teaching them that everything else is more important than they are. Work will always be here. Responsibilities will always be here. But your children will grow up fast.   I am glad we were able to make it before the summer ended.

Here’s how I prepared for our day at the beach:  prep, prep and more prep.  I packed beach towels, a blanket, sunscreen, plenty of water, a sun tent and straw hats.
I made my menu out, shopped a few days before and then started cooking while the girls were asleep.

The Best Foods to Pack for the Beach

Wraps or pinwheels (next post my hoagie pinwheels )
Fried chicken.
Fruit kebabs
Veggie kebabs
Italian or caprese pasta salad
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Watermelon (it helps with hydration)
Trail mix
Yogurt (freeze the day before)
Did I forget wine? ( lol)

I picked fried chicken because it tastes good cold or hot. I stayed away from foods and salads that can go bad faster in the heat and cause food poisoning like potato salad.  Italian pasta salad is a great choice or a watermelon and feta salad.

I like to include my mistakes too. It did get kind of messy with the sand trying to make plates. One thing I think I will do next time is pack individual lunches and I will use toothpicks for the pinwheels and fruit.

The girls and I put up the sun tent together. Girl power!

So relaxing

The weather was awesome and the kids had so much fun.

Creating memories. . .

Please comment below some foods you like to take to the beach.

Health and happiness. . .



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