Outdoor Movie Night


Outdoor Movie Night

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Outdoor movie night is something I had planned since my youngest was eight.  Covid forced me to finally get it done.   I was terrified of the technical part.   I mean I really hate reading instructions and stuff.  đŸ˜†

But I want to encourage my single moms that you can do this.  I know right!  This is the part of single life that sucks.  Hooking up a movie theatre, changing a lightbulb in a house with 20 foot ceilings, but that’s part of the course and I will not allow that to discourage me from waiting for the right partner.    

The night was a success and a lot of fun.   Although we did it late November, it was a mild night.  My Easy Taco Salad with Doritos  would have been perfect for this night, but the menu was impromtu.   We had popcorn, a little wine for me, candy, blankets, candles and comfy chairs.   It felt really reminiscent of what it was like when we could go to the movie theaters.   You can even send out digital invites.  Remix my template here.  My family will be doing outdoor movie night regularly as we wait for a vaccine to become widely available.


Here’s what you will need

  • Movie projector screen
  • Yaber Y60 portable projector, click here.
  • Nite Ize CamJam cord tightener here.
  • 2 hooks from Ace Hardware
  • 84 inch shepherd hooks (2).  Make sure they are nice and sturdy.  I purchased mine from Menards.
  • Repurpose some old tent stakes.
  • Amplifier (optional).   I didn’t use it.  The sound was perfect for us.

Head on over to Youtube and watch me put this all together.   

Have you had a backyard movie night yet?   Comment down below!

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