Host a Favorite Things Party

Host a Favorite Things Party

I had the pleasure of attending this uber cute party called “Favorite Things Party.”  Hint, hint, Oprah’s Favorite Things.  Well, because I love a surprise, I had to attend!

The idea is to invite different friends, ask them to bring three of their favorite items or in the alternative, bring three items of something that they really like that cost $7 or less, bag or wrap it up pretty, and then everyone when they leave, will have received THREE new finds.  Doesn’t this sound like fun?   You meet new friends, find out about new items and you do not have to spend a ton of money.

When I ventured out to find my three finds, I must say it was harder than I originally thought.  I mean, let’s face it, everything cost at least $10 nowadays.  Should I bring my real favorite things like Haribo gummy bears or Wet n Wild lip gloss #553, or how about Lindor chocolates?  Then one Saturday, I ran across a fragrance that I totally forgot about but that I truly love and wear.

It’s a body mist spray that I wear when I’m running errands or when I just prefer something light.  It can be found at all your off-price retailers like Ross Dress for Less, T.J. Maxx and Marshalls for under $7, and it smells a lot like the actual Vince Camuto perfume.  I was so excited!

Some other ideas are candles, hand lotion, a cute thermos, you can go on and on.

How the game works: 

  1. Everyone writes their name down three times on a sheet of paper.
  2. Tear the names into three pieces.
  3. All guests put their three names into a hat.
  4. Mix up the names.
  5. Then have everyone pick three names out of the hat.  (Throw the name back in if you pick yourself)
  6. One by one, each person pass out the gifts that they brought to the party to the three people they picked out of the hat.  

This was such an adorable idea!  You must plan this for your next girlfriends event.  You can send out Evites, serve mimosas and appetizers.

Here is the picture of my three gifts that I received.   Yes, wine!

Have you been to a favorite things party before?  I’d love to hear the details!   Please, comment.


Heath and happiness.  .  .


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