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  To all our Boots on the Ground, we appreciate you!   Every industry has taken a hit during the covid-19 crisis, but many companies are turning this difficult time into a time of giving.  I respect and honor all essential workers, but coming from a family with healthcare workers, I have narrowed my list […]

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8 Family Fall Events Around Chicago

Hello October!  I am hoping we get a fall season this year. In Chicago, the weather has become so unpredictable. The average temperature in the fall can range from 70° Fahrenheit to mid-40° Fahrenheit.   So, you may only have about four weeks before winter sets in. LET’S BE SOCIAL! SHARE

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Seafood Boil on a Smoker Grill

One year into my separation, I was up late watching the Home Shopping Network. I was feeling sorry for myself and it was just a bad day. Here comes the segment on wood pellet smoker grills by Traeger. HSN made it seem so easy and the food looked awesome. So I purchased it without any […]


I Used to Have Helicopter Parent Tendencies and How I Overcame Them

[su_dropcap style=”flat” size=”5″]A[/su_dropcap] re you a helicopter parent?  Have you even heard of the term? Well, it’s parents or a parent who take overprotective or excessive interest in every aspect of their children’s lives, and although it may sound caring and loving, this in effect can be hurting their emotional and mental development. Ouch! LET’S […]

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